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Design Development


Design Development

The consultancy services for Turn Key Design Development has the following scope of work:
  • Medical Programming & Master Plan
  • Concept Design
  • Submission of Structural drawings including Foundation drawings, Structural Design basis report and Civil BOQs
  • Coordinated MEP Design with Design Basis report (Electrical, Air-conditioning, Fire-fighting, Plumbing, Medical Gas pipelines, Low Voltage System like Nursing calling System, LAN, PA System and CCTV)
  • BOQs & Tender documents (MEP services)
  • Working drawings
The architectural and engineering design services to be provided by Integra Ventures for the project will be divided into three major stages, as given below:
Architectural Drawings:
a) Conceptual Drawings
Based on discussion with the client Integra Ventures will present conceptual plans for the proposed hospital which will be sufficient to give an idea of the proposed building showing:
  • Block relationship of the departments showing area and location within the building.
  • The numbers of floors, the area per floor, and the shape and elevation of the building.
  • The location of vertical circulation elements such as elevators and staircase and the layout of the horizontal circulation routes (corridors).
  • The location of the building on the site and the conceptual site planning showing roads parking, engineering services, etc.
b) Schematic (Presentation) Drawings :
Based upon decisions made in the previous stage, INTEGRA VENTURES will prepare and present design sketches of the proposed layout of rooms within each department for the entire hospital. These will be discussed with the client and modified as necessary. After obtaining approval from the clientfor room layouts sections and elevations, INTEGRA VENTURES will prepare a final set of schematic (presentation) drawings giving plans, elevation and sections of the proposed building, showing furniture and medical equipment layouts where necessary to demonstrate sufficiency of space.
c) Execution Drawings:
On Finalisation of schematic drawings, INTEGRA VENTURES will prepare execution drawings for the sub-contractors to commence work. During preparation of the drawings INTEGRA VENTURES will coordinate with contractors / agencies like HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, including sanitation, fire fighting system and life requirements. The execution drawings will include:
  • Complete Architectural drawings and construction documents with the details necessary for execution.
  • Site planning showing layout of roads, parking lots, water storage tanks etc.
  • Detailed layouts or rooms housing specialised medical equipment as necessary.
Structural Design:
a) Conceptual design
Based on the concept plan of the proposed building, a conceptual structural design will be carried out to verify the structural feasibility of the Architectural design in terms of floor heights etc. At this level the tentative sizes of structural members will be decided in co-ordination with all other services required in the building i.e. HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Lift etc.
b) Preliminary Design, Estimation
After the finalisation of concept design, preliminary working drawings shall be prepared for the complete project.
c) Working Drawings :
Once preliminary drawings are prepared and coordinated, detailed drawings shall be prepared for the structure. These drawings shall be issued to the contractors for execution of work at site.
d) Structural design clarifications
During the construction of the building, all queries required by the clientregarding the structural drawings / progress of construction would be clarified as and when required at site.
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) & Fire Fighting design:
a) Conceptual Design
Would consist of two basic services:
  • MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Plumbing, Sanitation, HVAC, Medical Gas pipelines, as required and Fire Fighting.
  • ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING : High side and low side of electrical services including DG backup and UPS backup for critical areas, along with data cabling  and communication infrastructure.
  • After the schematic Architectural design, conceptual design shall be carried out for all services taking into consideration all necessary and appropriate design data.
b) Preliminary Design:
On completion of the conceptual design, detailed services design of all packages would be carried out. These designs will be coordinated with each other and with Architectural and structural designs to avoid any conflict in terms of space, routing and aesthetics. Floor wise coordinated drawings shall be prepared and used as master plans for detail design and drawings.
c) Working Drawings:
On Completion of coordinated drawings, package wise working drawings shall be prepared for all floors, detailing out location and routing of services component. These shall then be issued to the contractor for the preparation of shop drawings.
d) Design Clarifications
All queries regarding the service drawings would be clarified by INTEGRA VENTURES as and when required by the clientat site.



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