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Dr. Karen Marlyn Syiem

Principal Consultant, Integra Ventures

Dr. Karen Marlyn Syiem
Principal Consultant
  • Dr Karen is a dedicated healthcare professional having an amalgamation of clinical and administrative experience and knowledge
  • Well versed with the functionality, systems and processes of a hospital, she plays a vital role in ascertaining the feasibility of setting up a hospital, planning the medical programme and medical infrastructure, equipment and human resource requirement for various hospitals being established on a turnkey basis as well as those undergoing expansion and upgradation. She has also been actively involved in the medical related operations of hospitals at the corporate level.
  • Her experience include working as a Senior Consultant of the hospital planning division at Medica Synergie Pvt Ltd. Prior to this she worked as a medical practitioner in government hospitals in Delhi and after her master’s degree she was with the Medical Operations Group of Fortis Healthcare and the Operations and Planning team of Manipal Health Systems
  • She holds a Medical degree from Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner and a Masters degree in Hospital Administration from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.
  • Loving and caring for children is something she finds irresistible. Baking cakes is her passion.
  • She can be reached at
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